Thursday, November 10, 2011

If You Blame Canada... "RUSH WILL KICK YOUR ASS!"

So what do you get when you have three close friends, who have been true to themselves, their fans, and "aboout" (a little Canadian humor there) the creative process in their music? The answer to this fun filled equation is the legendary progressive rock group, RUSH!
RUSH has managed to maintain a prolific career that has truly influenced everyone who has taken the time to listen to their iconic music. They are the band that will get you, your dad, and (if you were born sometime in the 1990) possibly you Grandpa slamming your fists in the air with "ROCK AWESOMENESS" because they can. RUSH has managed to maintain a loyalty of their fans for decades and continues to expand their cultic following to younger generations.
Now as I was saying before. RUSH has influence a lot of people. Part of the band's influence can be heard in many of the rock artist that we all love and admire today. RUSH has made a mark in music history no matter what anyone says. The band has successfully completed their "Time Machine Tour", bringing the power and force of classic albums such as "Moving Pictures", and their anthemic musical portrait, "2112". The super-trio continues to "wow" people from start to finish.
This power-trio has aged magnificently towards musical perfection over a thirty year period. It is clear that RUSH has no plans of stopping, and the proof of their continued march towards conquest, is highlighted in the bands performances of two new singles entitled "BU2B" and "Caravan". Despite the dynamic super-trio being in their sixties, they continue to know their audience and understand the constant evolutions of Rock Music. These two tracks are harder and heavy, making RUSH forever relevant in "Rock'n Roll's Pantheon." Due to the band phenomenal success and reviews of their tour, RUSH has put out a live album showcasing new, and classic tracks from their catalog. RUSH will also provide their fans with a front row seat to the "Time Machine Tour" with the release of the show available on Blu-ray and standard DVD. If you are a RUSH fan, or looking for a piece of rocking music history, you need to get this album. Looking forward to what RUSH will serve up next.