Monday, November 28, 2011

Why is Mute Math so Awesome?...

...Because they just are! The band's latest (and for me, much anticipated) album brings a true refreshing sound for those who love bands that continue to evolve with their age. "Odd Soul" is the latest installment of the New Orleans band's eclectic pop sound approach to synth-rock. After a very personally combative writing process for Mute Math's second album "Armistice"-which earned the group critical acclaim in 2009-the once quartet, nor trio embarked on their first self produced album that provides their listeners with a more personal in depth look at the band's inner thoughts.

"Despite the fact that many of the songs on Odd Soul—such as the garage-inflected title track—will inevitably make bodies move, the album simultaneously addresses some deeper themes hovering around all of the head nodding. “The lyrical idea of this record is loosely based on our upbringing in what I guess you could call eccentric Christianity,” Meany explains, adding that this is also the first album where Meany and King fully collaborated on lyrics. “We wanted to address a lot of the stories we’ve gathered over the years in what is an admittedly odd culture,” he continues. “And not only that, it’s our culture, and we know it well… I think writing this record certainly gave us a new appreciation for it, and it gave us a chance to be much more up front about ourselves (retrieved from on November 28, 2011).” This personal style of writing was an indicative function in leading to the albums title "Odd Soul". The lyrical concept of the album is to present ideas that heighten the awareness of many of the awkward ideas and feelings individuals perceive and process in their life journeys.

"Odd Soul" is great album for everyone. If you haven't heard any of Mute Math's music before, this is certainly a great way to introduce yourself to some real head bobbin', mature music. "GET IT!"