Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Sexy and I Know It!" Finally Someone Had Enough Sense to Write a Song About Me...

"Thanks LMFAO for really offering the world a glimpse of who I am.  I mean when I look at myself I like what I see. How about you? Okay don't get your panties in a bunch. I'm just having a little fun. LMFAO has made looking like a nerd and a complete idiot cool. There latest single "Sexy and I Know It" has been holding the number 2 spot on the Bill Board Digital Songs Chart for 12 weeks. These nuts must be doing something right.

There Dubstep Club Style really gets you excited. I mean look at the rock'n hamsters in that cool Kia commercial. I mean there couldn't have been a more amazing promotional use of a song than, seeing a bunch of rodents dressed in street gear jamm'n to "Party Rock Anthem". It was that cool, I met one of the hamsters at a bar here in West Palm on Halloween. You should have seen how he shaked his little nub of a tail. All kidding aside this is a fun album with an over emphasis on Rock'n stuff.

If Eminem is The Jedi Master Yoda, and Yelawolf Was My Pupil, I'd be Pissed...

Look, I'm not a hater of Hip-hop. In fact I like it, but I'm not that nuts about a lot of the commercial stuff that is out there. I mean how many times can you write tracks about whoe's, bling, picking up whoe's at clubs, big booties, and fake grills. Isn't there more to that style of music than just that? Honestly!

That brings us to the latest creation of that Eminem's tutelage Yelawolf. Now before I commence with my review of his debut album "Radioactive"-which was produced by none other than Slim Shandy-I need to give you a little more background. Not on Yelawolf, just how I got the album.

So I was at Tar-gzey (that's the cool was of saying Target) and was combing through their CD section when I came across "Radioactive" for $10. Now amidst my moment of impulsivity, I stopped myself and thought...
..."I can listen to this new album on Spotify to see if I like it before I buy it." DUH! So here I am now previewing this new little album of the supposed next White Rapper Superstar. Hmmmmmmmmmmm...
...Look I don't doubt that the guy is talented in some way, and I think that it's really cute that Slim took on a big brother role and helped this kat break out, but the truth of the issue is that this album is really the same old rhymes that really make me not like a lot of commercial hip-hop.

The first half of the record is like a like a Dirty South super reunion. I mean really! Dirty South was the worst thing to happen to the hip-hop movement. The same fast pace beat free of cool samples (provided you have legal permission to use the sampled track :) ) and some lame, lame lyrics. I mean if this kid was to be the next big thing, I have to say that I'm not really impressed. For me the best song on the album was "Hardest Love Song in The World". That track had a cool guitar riff looped throughout, and really gave a cool authentic Hip-Hop sound. Clearly there was no expense spared in hyping this album with celebrity. "Radioactive" features rhymes by Kid Rock, Lil John, and Eminem himself.

If there was a rating scale on my blog I would provide Yelawolf's breakout album with 3 stars. It's really not all that great. If there is something that I'm missing in this whole thing, please let me know. I'm willing to learn. Thanks again and if you haven't yet, check out to set up an account and sample new releases of all your favorite and undiscovered artists.

Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall

When I found out that they were planning on making a DVD recording of this show, November 29th, 2011 could not come any faster. I was quick to venture off to my nearest Best Buy on my lunch break and grab a copy. Once I reviewed the packaging I was even more thrilled to learn that my cool "Blu-ray" version of the concert came with a CD recording of the concert itself. "HOLY CRAP!"
Okay so let's get serious, shall we? This concert experience was something to behold. The Royal Albert Hall is the crème-de-la-crème of venues in the UK. It is a historic site that has housed the musical genius if legends and pit's pretty posh. As usual, Adele drops you on your butt the minute she opens her mouth and you hear the power of her magnificent voice. To me she is the modern day reincarnation of R&B Divas, Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin. Her music connects with you in a way that so few performers are able to do in today’s fast paste music market.
The show offers listeners and viewers a delightful assortment of Adele’s two albums ("19" and "21"). Her brilliant performance of "Someone Like You" is highly emotional for not only Adele herself, but for all those listening in attendance at Albert Hall and at home. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! If there is anything to criticize is the fact that there was a lot more banter in between songs than there should have been, however, Adele's commentary provides you with a closer look at the roots of her lyrical content for her music. Not only that but, you really get to enjoy her "cheeky" quips and personality that make her such a loveable person.

If you have not seen this show I would strongly recommend that you do so. Make it a "Block Buster Night", grab your friend, loved ones, and some wine and lose yourself in the angelic vocals of one of today's brightest stars.