Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hey "Mr. Roboto" ain't Sailing Away!

Greetings and welcome back to another exciting adventure...
...Okay so let's face it...I've been sitting on my duff wasting time and wound up MIA (uh that's Missing in Action for you special folks out there reading). So this morning I got this itch to bring back "The DWN Beat" and wanted to let you all know that I'm back in the game and ready to go full swing.

A couple of things to consider is that this time around, I will be a bit more poised and organized with my posts.  I will be looking at providing a post to all of my anxious readers twice a week focusing on topics that make my heart sing...MUSIC!  Now since I've been gone, there have been some significant developments and maturation on my musical tastes. I have become an full member of the Justin Beiber fan club and I've seen the Katy Perry movie six times and started wearing sparkley T-shirts...
...Yeah right and "MONKEYS JUST FLEW OUT OF MY BUTT FOLKS! Are you kidding me?! If that was true I would call for all my reader pals to come and give me a cyber Karate-Chop in the junk to help me snap out of it. All kidding aside, I do want to say that any artist that is out there doing what they are passionate about, whether it's Bieber or Katy, have earned it and I support them no matter what people may say or think. They are great in their own special way and they are impacting people. Okay! Enough of the PC crap and let's get this party going shall we?

Over my hiatus, I have been looking at some killer bands that many young'ns  may be overlooking. Well today is your lucky day because I want to feature one of the most incredible rock/musical monsters on the planet STYX! For my 35 and older readers,  you may find yourself recanting the words "Domo Origato Mr. Roboto", or drifting back to that hilarious moment of South Park where Cartman was singing "Come Sail Away". That is what makes them great! These are Kats who continue to fill arenas and kick up the jams to devout fans.

So who is STYX and why should you rush to your ticket master outlet and go to every show they have listed on their tour schedule. Well this dynamic group of musical masters is comprised of some of the greatest vocalist and musicians the world has ever known. You have the enigmatic genius of pianist/vocalist Lawrence Gowan, the vocals and monster guitar riffs of Tommy Shaw and James "J.Y" Young, the pounding bass walk-ups of Ricky Philips, and (my personal fave) the complex/fierce drumming patterns of drummer Todd Sucherman. Not only that, but you still get the amazing opportunity to see original bassist Chuck Panozzo kick up the jams with the band he co-founded back in 1972.  

The band has endure their trials and tribulations over the years, but they continue to amaze audiences with their high-energy and phenomenal vocal harmonies in every song they perform. Older, wiser, and more invigorating with age, STYX continues to titillate the musical pallet of music lovers young and old, like a sweet wine that has a kick that brings you back for more. With the re-release of the bands DVD recording of "The Grand Illusion" (the album that catapulted the group to stardom), STYX quickly makes you see why they are masters of this musical fantasy.

In my personal opinion, STYX is truly one of the greatest musical resources presented to the Rock'n Roll world. So you may be asking yourself..."Why should I jump on the band wagon?" Well the answer is simple..."BECAUSE I SAID SO DANG IT!" That's why! Trust me you will love what you hear. STYX is music that is fun, nostalgic, relevant to everyone, and kicks you in the face with all it's rocking power. So get out and grab a copy of the band's DVD and any one of their albums and see what happens. Do it! "I DARE YOU!" I promise you won't be disappointed.