Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nickelback! The Other Canadian Band

Nickelback's last album "Dark Horse" brought the Canadian band down to a more simpler sound, thanks producer Mutt Lang. Now, I'm not a hardcore fan of the group but I must say that I really enjoyed "Dark Horse". When I learned that the band was releasing another album I was kind of excited.

Now I know the guys have been dubbed as one of the cheesiest band lyrically along with a variety of other criticisms that at times seemed a bit unfair, but truth is they must be doing something right. That being said this review is pertaining to the band's latest project entitled "Here and Now". This album maintains a bit of the sound and musical approaches that were developed in "Dark Horse", however there are some "Eh" moments that made me feel a bit awkward when listening to the album. My least favorite track on the record is "When We All Stand Together. To me this song was like a poor interpretation of Chumbawuma, Men at Work, and Toto "On crack"! The arrangement is really lame and goofy lyrically. It was just dumb. The rest of the album consists of fun topics centered around boozing and finding some hot stripper that is willing to give you a good time provided you pay for it. "Real original boys!" Now I'm not saying that I hate this album, but I can't with good conscience give it anything higher than a 3 out of 5 stars. If you like this Canadian Rock Troop go for it, but you can't say that I didn't warn you.

If you want to hear the album in its entirety before investing in it, check out and sign up for a membership. This is one of my chief resources for finding new stuff and letting you know my thoughts on new releases. Enjoy the rest of your Turkey Day vacation and be on the look out for My Christmas Album picks.

Hippies Still Fighting "The Man"

So I was sitting in my office again listening to some jams on Spotify, and I came across this interesting album that was a cross between Jim Croce and a barber shop quartet that probably was kicked out of every shop because the failed to learn one vital skill...
..."HOW TO SING!" Now despite the interesting vocals (that were an interpretation of Marlboro Menthol Folk Vocals) I couldn't stop listening to it.

You may be asking, "Who is this band and why did you keep listening?" Well the answer to those questions are simple. The band is called Dad Rocks and the album is called "Mount Modern".

Now this album takes and interesting critique on current sociological issues that are effecting American Culture. Dad Rocks focuses on unemployment to how social media drives self esteem in the toilet. Despite the interesting vocals, this album was worth the listen and fun. Dad Rocks comedic satire of how stupid and lazy people really are was really on point. If you are into Folk Music and willing to endure the political satire, "Mount Modern" is worth a listen.