Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Get Your Copy of Colours EP "Skin & Bones"

Yo! Yo! Guess who's back.  I know that I'm a slacker, and that I've been M.I.A. for some time, but hey...life is complicated and I have an amazing full-time gig working for this incredible Church. That's another conversation for another time, but in the event that you're interested, check out www.pbcc.cc for some info and come hang out if you're in the Palm Beach Gardens area.
Okay enough about me and let's talk about a new band that I discovered a week ago.  I was chilling with some homies in a meeting and this kat, Alex came up to me and asked, "Hey man have you ever heard of a band named Colours?"  I looked with complete confusion, and yet total interest and amazement.  Without a thought he snatched my iPhone and found their video on YouTube.   

Now I'm not one to get too giddy about bands, but when I heard these guys, I was like on cloud nine.  There was something about their sound that just grabbed me.  You can tell that there is a strong influence of Kings Of Leon, and many other strong adult alternative elements that make Colours a real refreshing and fun new discovery.  

These Florida boys are on the cusp of hitting it big and now is your chance to show your support and get these guys moving forward.  Colours released their EP, Skin & Bones today which can be purchased on iTunes.  If you are looking for something that will just really get you inspired, moved, and fired up, all wrapped up like a "Taco Bell" fiesta crunch burrito, (I mean a burrito with spicy Fritos is both brilliant and toxic at the same time, but man is it good) then you need this EP.  If my killer burrito metaphor isn't enough for you then maybe their video for their song, "Machine" will do the trick.  Sorry for the Spanish subtitles, but hey, just listen and you will see how cool it is any way. Gracias!  

Follow Colours on Facebook at www.facebook.com/coloursfl to keep track of the boys progress. Thanks for reading and I promise,
I'll do more writing from time to time.  I mean it this time.