Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cranberries Are on The Move

After ten years of no newly release material. Ireland's Celtic Alternative masters, the Cranberries are in the process of releasing their 6th studio album "Roses". The albums has released on single on iTunes called "Tomorrow" and if you visit the band's Facebook page you will be provided with an opportunity to download another track for free.

The band maintains their sound that has made them a true force within Alternative music. There is no doubt that there is a maturity in the groups song writing approach. The Cranberries continue to maintain the integrity of their Irish Culture making "Roses" a much anticipated release for 2012. Be sure to look for the band's new LP in February 2012.  If you are interested in t getting your hands of their two singles, hit up the iTunes Store and go to the band's Facebook page and select the "Free Download Tab". You can also obtain some samples of two other tracks by viewing The Cranberries webpage at, Be sure to take some time to listen to them for your self.