Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It May Be a Good Time to Think Retirement Boys

After a dismal collaboration with Lue Reed, Metallica has released a 4 track Ep this morning on iTunes. This little piece is he Trash-Metal Bands way of attempting to redeem themselves for the flop of an album "Lu Lu.
"Beyond Magnetic is the title of the bands latest release, and I have to tell yah, "I'm not impressed." Dont get me wrong "Beyond Magnetic" is a step forward from this years past release, but I have to say that the guys are kinda coming off more like a stale fart that won't leave the room. "I mean what is the deal guys?" "After all you've done to Metal to make it cool, this is what we're left with?'

To me this is a sign that the boys may be in need of some serious creative interventions that will reinvigorate their heavy style that made Metallica legend. The band has been on an interesting plunge, since Lar's beef with Napster, and all their release after the famed self titled "Black Album". The metal monsters started making some strides with their two disc album "Garage Inc." featuring some killer covers, and their very euvongard classical fusion of their catalog "S&M". As time progressed-and unforeseen roster changes-Metallica has put nothing out that is remotely comparable to their early sound, which catapulted the band into Rock History.

This is a sad day in my opinion for Thrash-Metal. If you want to hear the latest EP check out Spotify for more details.