Friday, November 11, 2011

"The Vision" Will Get you Moving

What is 'The Vision", and who is Joker? Well this is a new pop-house number that will really get you moving. Joker's debut album isn't something that you will hear blowing up you local radio stations, but it is a little something that is worth investing in.

With the rise of house DJ's such as, David Gueta reaching chart topping success, and collaborating with know artist, Joker offers a more in depth look into the would of House Music Mixing. "The Vision", is something is great to keep the party going, but not want to force people to kill themselves due to excessive strobe lighting, and an army of glow-stick carrying rave nerds. Joker's approach is a little more mellow and would do wonders for a quiet moment in your house sipping a glass of aged brandy in a pimp snifter.  

"The Vision" has not been getting great review from other music review pages, but you know what this is my page and I like it! So you other tools who didn't like Joker can "KISS IT!" I like it and that is all that matter, and if you are following the Down Beat support the man and formulate your own opinion.

...Music the ongoing, evolving, art that is subjective to all it's listener. "LOVE IT!" Enjoy this project and keep looking for more insight on some new music.