Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday+Cyber Monday=Christmas Jams Are on The Move

As promised, this post looks at the tunes that keep us all in the Christmas spirit. Well for some of us that is. Within this review there a couple of artists that make me think more of the toilet than anything else. So let us begin shall we.

Let's kick this thing off with a newly pop monster's attempt at bringing forth some Yul-tie cheer. I present to you none other than Justin Bieber's Holiday album "Under The Mistletoe". Now if there are a couple of Biebernites (or whatever they call you cult followers) let me just tell you that this album is pure CRAP! There is nothing cool about taking some classic Christmas tunes and making them poppie. The album is predictable and lame. Not only that, I really tried to give the kid the benefit of the doubt but his voice made me want to hurl. "Sorry!" There I said it. In my opinion this record is only for the prepubescent teenie boppers who are praying for Santa to leave them a Bieber clone under the tree.

Our next album, and one of my faves, is an amazing interpretation of classic Holiday songs that really get's you in the mood. Three time Grammy Nominated Artist, Kim Hill brings a mature and balanced presentation of some memorable songs that just make you want to cozy up by the fire with your "Boo" and enjoy some hot coco. Hill's album "Christmas Back to You" offers a pleasant fusion of jazz, country, and some smooth rock that will really get you reflecting on what Christmas is all about. The album also provides a colaboration between Kim and her Son, Ben who bring a very interesting interpretation to a timeless Christmas classic. In all this is one of my favorites for this year.

He's known as the "Bube" in short by some of his friend, but the rest of us know him as Michael Buble. Buble maintains his smooth jazz style approach to music that brings his listeners back to a time where Dean Martin and the Rat Pack ruled the media airwaves. Buble's album, "Christmas" does nothing, but speak for itself. Listening to this album takes you back to a time where big band was the in thing, and Jazz set the foundation for style that remains classy, charismatic, and the foundation for everything modern in music. The album contains some fun duets with Shaina Twain and Latin Artist, Thalia. Michael Buble's "Christmas" is a must have in my opinion. 

Our next Christmas album comes from the cute little voice of Zoey Dechanel in her duo group She & Him. The duo's Holiday album is entitled "A Very She & Him Christmas", which offers a very laid back jazzy feel to timeless Christmas jams. The two do a magnificent job of keeping all of the songs true to form and tradition. There is no question that this album will catapult you into the Christmas spirit. You will love how She & Him stick to the integrity of what these songs are all about. Another great holiday album to add to your collection.

These are a couple of albums that I have selected that I think are fun. Well all except the Bieber one. I really tried to get into it, but I couldn't. There was no possible way for me to enjoy it no matter how hard I tried. That being said, I hope that you enjoy this post and if you haven't checked out Spotify and listened to these, and many other artists, I strongly suggest that you do. Spotify is a great way to preview your faves new material before investing in it. If you like what you hear, show you support and buy it. Thanks again and be on the look out for more posts.