Monday, November 21, 2011

Angels & Airwaves = A Kinda Gorwn-Up Tom Delonge

Well once Blink-182 got back together, people wondered if the band's guitar player, Tom Delonge would continue with his side project Angels & Airwaves. The bands third album titled, "Love", proves that he is still looking to maintain his newly found mature musical endeavors.

The newest project is a two disc album that is aptly identified as Part 1 and Part 2. For those of you who buy your jams on iTunes, you could have found each album sold individually for $4.99, but now due to awesome marketing skeems you're stuck paying full price for all of them HAHAHAHAHA!

Okay! All joking aside, the album maintains the cool loop driven synth patterns that gave the AVA its sound. Still hard hitting with some more mature content, "Love" is a good little two pack jam. There are some clear differences between Prt.1 and 2 in some ways. Prt. 2 seems to maintain a bit more the harder punk sounds of the band's Sophomore album I-Empire. Despite what your take my be on AVA, "Love" is a fun number.