Friday, December 23, 2011

Common is Back

One of the most honest and thought provoking lyricists in Hip-hop is Common. Serving the Hip-Hop community as an ambassador of truth, mind provoking story telling, and a the soul that makes Hip-hop a staple in the music industry, Common's newest album, "The Dream, The Believer" brings a refreshing taste into a Hip-Hop genre that has been easily exploited, and reduced to foolishness centered on "phat" rims, bling, and ignorance.

"The Dream, The Believer" kicks off with amazing soulful samples that sets the pace in motion for a truly inspiring story that only Common can deliver. Common's passion for truth encourages  remarkable collaborations with iconic underground Hip-hop legends and Neo-soul masters such as, Nas, Maya Angelou, and John Legend to bring forth the voice of the urban community.

While I was listening to "The Dream, The Believer", I couldn't help but feel myself transported to a time where soulful music moved the masses into action and paved the way for change and progress. There is passion hope and inspiration that is presented in this album. A true push for progression and movement forward is what this album is all about. Common is quick to provide a clear picture of triumph over struggle and pain throughout life's many adversities. No matter what your primary musical choice is, "The Dream, The Believer" is an impacting and great album.

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